Facts About Momina Mustehsan

Facts About Momina Mustehsan You Did Not Know

Momina Mustehsan has made her appearance in Coke Studio Season 9 but this is not the first time that she has taken to the stage. You might not know but Momina Mustehsan has been in the music scene for some time now. Here are facts about Momina Mustehsan you did not know of.

Momina Mustehsan Secretly Has A Crush On Justin Bieber

Odd as it may see. It is true.

Momina Mustehsan Made Her Bollywood Debut In “Ek Villian“

She is not only known in Pakistan but in India as well due to her debut in Ek Villian. She sang the song Awari with Soch the band.

“It was an extremely casual process and I never met anyone in person. I recorded the song on my own in New York.”Facts About Momina Mustehsan


She Performed Pee Jaon With Nescafe Basement

In 2014 she performed Pee Jaon with Nescafe Basment. That is when I fell in love with her. Although she was also in the original version of the song I just like the Nescafe Basement version better.

“Pi Jaun was made by a dear friend, Saad Sultan, over a Skype session. I added a bridge melody and wrote some lines for the song. Farhan came on board later on.”


 Momina Mustehsan Is An Engineer And A Mathematician 

Currently she is enrolled in industrial engineering and besides that she has a degree in biochemical engineering and applied mathematics.

“Music is a passion for me and not a profession”

Momina Mustehsan


Momina Mustehsan Is A Cat Lover

Momina Muntehsan

Momina Mustehsan Has Been Covering Music For A While

Momina Mustehsan has been in the music for some time now and she has been covering music for a while now. You can find her music in YouTube.



She Grew Up Casually Singing In Front Of An Audience 

She has been singing ever since she was in school. She was part of the choir and has had a thing for music throughout her childhood. u

She Can Play The Violin, Keyboard And Guitar

Singing is not the only talent that she possesses. Momina Mustehsan can also play musical instruments including the violin, keyboard and guitar.

Momina mustehsan

People Say She Resembles Nina Dobrev


This Girl loves To Travel

I like taking somewhat of a backseat when it comes to professional music also because our society is such.”

Facts About Momina Mustehsan

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