HissGate and BuzzGate

HissGate and BuzzGate are everywhere, is your iPhone 7 really making a strange sound?

Apple introduced the original iPhone back in 2007, instantly obsoleting every other smartphone on the planet. With the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, Apple lowered prices an mainstreamed mobile. 4 and iPhone 4s took the world to Retina and Siri. The iPhone 5 got taller and LTE faster. And the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c put the future at our fingertips. The iPhone 6 went thinner and faster than ever before, and the iPhone 6 Plus was Apple’s first BIG phone. The latest in the arsenal, theiPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus bring new hardware and add 3D Touch — a new pressure sensitive way to interact with your iPhone. HissGate and BuzzGate!!!!

Yesterday, it was iPhone 7 Home buttons and capacitive gloves, today it’s iPhone 7 making a “hiss” or “buzz” sound. Every year, the tidal wave that is iPhone launch attention sweeps up all sorts of “gates” in its wake, and it can be difficult and confusing to sort the real from the imagined.

So, we decided to test our iPhones 7 and heard the sound as well. Then we tested our iPhones 6s and also heard it. And our iPads Pro. And AirPort Extremes. And… you get the idea.

iPhone 7 Plus, at least to my ear, was louder and varied more than any of the other devices, but they all made the sound. Based on teardowns, it seems to come from where the radios are, specifically the Wi-Fi radios. That makes sense, given that most people are noticing the sound when their iPhones are restoring and under heavy load.

Since several of us, as well as numerous people in the iMore community and on Twitter, report hearing similar sounds from multiple different types of devices as well, it’s very possible this is nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps people are only noticing it now because it’s new iOS and iPhone week, and they’re rightfully extra-vigilant and attentive following the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

It’s also possible there’s something new and different going on. So, we’re going to looking into it and will update with anything else we find.

In the meantime, let me know if you noticed any unusual sounds from your new iPhone 7, and whether or not you hear anything similar from your older iPhones and other devices.


If you expected Apple to rewrite the design of the iPhone with the 7 and 7 Plus, then prepared to be disappointed.

They both look very similar to their predecessors, with that aluminium build and curved sides. Those ugly antenna lines have been altered, now snaking around the top rather than the back.

The biggest visual difference here is the colour options the phone now comes in. Along with the usual gold, rose gold and silver there’s a new darker black option and a glossy black one. Sadly, the rumoured blue hue hasn’t made the cut.

Both phones also feature a slightly altered camera hump.

Being a bigger phone, the iPhone 7 Plus is larger and heavier. It has the same chunky bezel as before, and a 5.5-inch 1080p display opposed to a 4.7-inch version. It’s better for media and playing games, but it’s still a very big phone, which is hard to use comfortably in one hand. Apple has improved the screens this time around, widening the colour gamut for a more accurate representation of pictures and videos.


The biggest differentiator between the two phones from Apple is their optics. Previous Plus models have always held the upper hand in this area due to the addition of optical image stabilisation (OIS), but the gulf seems larger this time.

While the iPhone 7 has one 12-megapixel OIS camera on the back, the iPhone 7 Plus has two of them. One is a wide angle lens, while the other a telephoto. You’ll be able to switch the two sensors, or use them combined to offer an optical zoom type of effect. They’ll also be some after-the-fact refocusing of shots.


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