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Samsung Flexible Phone 2018 Release Date, Price, Specs

samsung Flexible Phone 2017 Release Date

Get ready to buy new samsung phones with flexible display in 2018. Korean smartphone maker is going to introduced Samsung Flexible phones with flexible screen.

The upcoming samsung Flexible phone can be folded into your pocket. Samsung Flexible Phone 2018 Release Date!!!

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is set to release two new bendable phones with flexible display screen. These new Samsung flexible phones will have flexible screen. One of the them is the new Samsung Flexible phone with ability to bend like a “cosmetic compact”.

“Using advanced display technology may help the company recapture customers from Apple and boost earnings that have slumped for the past two years,” Bloomberg speculated. Flexible phone product could be game-changer if Samsung successfully comes up with a user interface suitable for bendable screens.

Samsung has declined to officially commented on Bloomberg report. But Lee Seung Woo, an analyst at IBK Securities Co.

In Seoul, told Bloomberg that the biggest obstacle in way of making flexible phones was related to making transparent plastics and making them durable, which seems resolved by now.

This new Samsung bendable phone project is currently codenamed Flexible Valley.

The upcoming samsung phones are currently undergoing testing in China, according to Sam Mobile, a tech blog dedicated to Samsung products. Smartphone users are excited to see the first Flexible mobile, as it could very well change the course of the whole smartphone industry.

Flexible screens may not be an impossible achievement for a company that has pioneered display technology. Samsung was the first to release a smartphone with Super AMOLED display about six years ago.

The Galaxy S6 Edge had a curved display, which was cutting-edge technology at the time.

Samsung Flexible Phone 2018 Release Date, Price, Specs

Slash Gear blogged about a Samsung’s recently unveiled prototype for a rollable display at SID 2016 in San Francisco. The company displayed an phone with 5.7-inch screen with OLED display Flexible up in very pocket-friendly form.

Samsung Flexible Phones 2018 Release Date

Samsung flexible phone release date is in 2018. The new Samsung bendable phone models will be launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018), set to take place in Barcelona in February 2018.

With Samsung samsung flexible phone release early in 2018, the company will have a head start on Apple, which is likely to release the new iPhone 7S with later that year.

Reportedly, like Samsung YOUM, Apple is also planning to bring another product line of flexible iPhones.

Samsung Bendable Phone Specifications

According to Daily Mail, Samsung is not planning to make their popular Samsung Galaxy phones with bendable screens. Instead, the Korean The company currently has a patent for an electronic device that “simply folds in half when not in use”.

  • The flexible screen rolls up into a small metal stick, roughly the diameter of an old canister of 35mm film, but longer. Samsung can do that because the panel is just 0.3mm thick and weighs 5g. It has a rolling radius of 10R, which basically means that it could be rolled into a tube with a 10mm radius.
  • Samsung bendable smartphones are also rumored to be equipped with organic light-emitting diodes (OLED).
  • One of the new Samsung bendable phones has 5.7-inch display screen running at 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, for a total pixel density of 386 PPI. It is just as bright and the colors just as vivid as we have come to expect from the production devices like the Galaxy S7 edge.
  • The other model of samsung flexible phone has 5-inch display screen when used as a handset, that unfurls into a display that is as large as 8 inches, similar to a tablet.
  • Like Samsung Galaxy phones, the new Samsung Flexible phone will have a micro SD card slot, non-removable battery and 3GB of RAM. Samsung is supposedly testing the screens with Snapdragon 620 and 820 processors, the same built into the Galaxy S7 phones.
  • The new Samsung bendable phones will act as a testbed for the Snapdragon 820 chipset processor.
  • Samsung Flexible Phones Price

    All this comes at a cost obviously and a pretty heavy one. In the UK that cost is £749, while in the US it is expecte at $899 for an unlocked conract free phone. In Australia, the Samsung Flexible Phone attracts the highest price for and in Austrailia at AU$1,449 for the 32GB version.

    Bendable phones are not entirely a new concept. A South Korean company called Suwon used to make videos with a phone that Flexible. A Chinese company called Moxi has also exhibited a similar phone, but with a black and white screen. None of these products have ever been commercially available, however.

    Samsung shares rose 1.5% to 1,398,000 in Seoul, increasing year 2016 gain to 11%. Even shares of Samsung component suppliers are rising. V Technology Co, biggest supplier to Samsung, has got 15% increase in its shares in Tokyo stock market. Other suppliers like Murata Manufacturing Co. and Screen Holdings has also got their shares at record higher.

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