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How To Fix iPhone Camera Problems?

The iPhone 6, 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are set to have plenty of innovative new features, but the new camera design comes with some pretty far-out new things depending on the model you end up picking up. Fix iPhone Camera!!

From dual cameras with flawless telephoto capabilities, to a 7-megapixel Face Time HD Camera for selfies and Face Time calls, and much more, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’ cameras are exceeding all expectations.

If you own an iPhone or any other iPhone model for that matter then feel free to send us a message to our mailbag questionnaire. We will be more than happy to assist you with any concern that you may have with your device. This is a free service we are offering with no strings attached. We however ask that when you do send us an email try to be as detailed as possible so that an accurate assessment can be made and the correct solution can be given.

Is there a difference between iPhone camera sizes?

There’s not just a difference, but a whole ‘nother camera!

The iPhone 7 comes with a camera that’s slightly larger than the iPhone 6s’ design, while the iPhone 7 Plus comes with two, side-by-side cameras.

Any software improvements?

On top of rolling out higher storage capacities (seriously, my iPhone is almost at its bursting limit with photos), the camera has a few specific software upgrades.

The camera itself is now 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient with a flicker sensor to read the perfect lighting in the room. Serious photographers can now capture RAW DND files if they choose and use this setting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’ high-speed sensor.

Depth of field is also a new concept that’s being played with with the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera. When you take pictures, you now have the option to shoot with a specific portrait setting that will be found amongst the time-lapse and square photo options. This will add a crisp, clear effect to the front portion of your photo, while blurring the background, similar to what a professional DSLR camera can do.

12-Megapixel Sensors and Performance

The iPhone 6s also had a 12-megapixel sensor, but combined with the new processors, this camera promises better low light performance, better white balance, richer color, better face detection, and better focus. Apple reports there are 100 billion actions performed by the camera before every picture, and it boasts faster performance. Let’s hope that means less shutter delay so we can capture smiles when they’re fresh.

The front-facing camera for selfies and face time is now 7 megapixels and should also produce better pictures.

iPhone 7 camera

The iSight camera on the 4.7-inch iPhone has a six-element lens and a 12-megapixel sensor. The camera now comes with optical image stabilization (OIS), just like all the iPhone Plus versions before. The OIS mechanism reduces motion and handshake and allows 3x longer exposures than the iPhone 6s.

A f/1.8 aperture that captures 50% more light means you’re going to get much better pictures and videos in low light conditions.

iPhone 7 Plus camera

The phablet is going straight after DSLR cameras, and you’ll have a hard time ignoring its capabilities.

The iPhone 7 Plus has two 12-megapixel cameras. One is exactly similar to the iPhone 7’s. It’s a wide-angle camera that will take pictures just like the iPhone 7. The second camera is a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with the f/2.8 aperture that brings over optical zoom to the iPhone.

The telephoto lens also adds a depth-of-field effect to images, but it will only be activated via a software update set to be released at some point in the coming weeks. The depth-of-field feature, also known as bokeh will bring over a new portrait mode to the camera app for photos. What happens is that the ISP uses both cameras to make the subject look sharp, while blurring the background. This is the type of feature you’d see out of DSLR cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus offers 2x optical zoom thanks to the dual-lens cameras and the ISP, while digital zoom goes all the way to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.


iPhone 6 Plus photos are out-of-focus

I loved the iPhone 4 for the camera, and I was thrilled about getting the iPhone 6 Plus because it was supposed to have such a great camera, but the camera is so terrible i don’t even want to take photos anymore.

Portraits are the worst: they are very grainy, and it looks like a bad watercolor painting.  The colors of the skin are really ugly too.  I have about a hundred but this one is typical.  It was in focus-tapped focus– and i understand the depth of field is smaller, but that isn’t the problem–if it were out of focus, some place in the photo would be in focus, right? I mean not in every photo, but in all the portraits I’ve taken–I think my focus is ok but maybe that is it. I use the focus tap or focus lock though and it is just the same.

Apple said it was a hardware issue and replaced the phone immediately (though I’d spent ten months trying to see what i was doing wrong!). The replacement phone is just the same.

iPhone 6 rear camera takes blurry photos

The back facing camera on my phone seems to be blurry. It will only focus on things an inch or two away. It will not focus on anything further no matter how many times I tap the screen to focus. But the front facing camera is working fine. I took my phone to the Apple Store and wasn’t offered any assistance. Any ideas as to what could be done to fix this? — Laura

Solution:  Please refer to our suggestion for JW above to check if your phone also suffers from the same hardware malfunction. If it’s not covered by the iSight camera replacement warranty, consider doing some basic troubleshooting steps. Below are some of the things you can try:

Make sure that the lens is clear and no dirt or debris is blocking it.

Take out any third party casing you are using (if applicable). Some third party metallic case may interfere with the mechanism of the optical image stabilization feature.

Turn off HDR or simply set it to Auto to avoid double-exposures and bright colors in images.

Learn how to adjust the focus of an object in the preview screen. Keeping the camera steady while trying to shoot is a good way of ensuring focused image. You’ll notice the screen pulse or go in and out of focus as the camera adjusts automatically.

Consider using a third party camera app so you can compare the output from the stock app with a different app. Sometimes, even a subtle change can make a big difference for some users.

Reset your iPhone’s settings to defaults, especially the camera settings.

Try to update the phone’s operating system in case there are software patches applicable for the iSight camera.

iPhone 6 stuck in Apple logo and camera app won’t load

My toddler got a hold of my phone, and I’m not exactly sure what she did. It seems to me, she got into the camera app and managed to zoom way in. So now it is as though my phone is trying to focus and process. When I do a hard reset (pushing the sleep button and home button at the same time), I get the Apple logo and the display looks fine. As soon as it reboots though, the display goes black again, with sporadic splotches of light as though it is zoomed in. I’ve tried pushing the home button twice to see if it brings up my open apps so I can close the camera app, but it doesn’t do anything. I tried holding down the home button to see if I can get Siri, but I have the phone on Airplane mode so my toddler can’t make any phone calls.

Solution:  If your phone fails to load the main menu screen after a soft reset (pressing and holding Sleep and Home buttons), you have no other way to fix it than to restore its default settings via iTunes. Unfortunately, if you haven’t backed up your data prior to the problem, you will most likely lose all of them during the process. If you want to know how to restore the phone via iTunes, here are the steps to do it:

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Press and hold Home and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, release the Power button but keep don’t let go of Home button.

Once an iTunes popup shows saying that a device is in DFU mode, release Home button.

Tap on Restore iPhone option to begin the restoration.

IPhone 6 front camera not working

I have an iPhone 6 and my front facing camera has stopped working. When I take a picture and turn it to front facing it’s just a blank screen. When I Face Time, a blank box shows up in the corner where I would usually be and nobody can see me.  The camera itself works when not in front facing mode. Please advise. — Shannon

Solution: Hi Shannon. If restarting your iPhone does not make any difference, the front camera on your device may simply have failed. If that’s the case, there’s really nothing that you can do on your end other than go to an Apple retail store for assistance or call your carrier for replacement (unless you want to risk voiding the hardware warranty and replacing the front camera yourself).

If you want to replace the camera yourself, please use Google to look for online resources and guides. iFixit website offers helpful tips in doing things like this so you may want to visit their site.

IPhone 6 front and rear cameras are not working

I’ve been having trouble with the camera on my phone. It won’t work when trying to take a photo from the front or back camera and won’t work with apps such as Snap Chat. However my phone camera will work when Face Timing but I can’t understand why or how. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Solution: We need more information aside from the problem description you provide here to be of help. Are you getting an error message when trying to take a photo using either or the cameras? Do you have enough storage space left to allow saving of photos? Can you take photos using other third party apps (other than Snap Chat and the stock camera app)?

Please answer these questions and we’ll try to see what we can do to help in our next post. Note: make sure to indicate that you are trying to follow up on a previous query so we’ll be notified to update this post as well. Thanks!

IPhone 6 rear camera stopped working

My rear camera is not working, although I can see the screen. It just does not take a picture. However, quite interestingly the video option is working, so I can shoot videos with the rear camera but cannot take pictures! Also the front camera(selfie camera) is perfectly working. I first thought that something happened to my rear camera, then I realized that I can shoot videos with the same camera. I took my iPhone to the Apple store they told me that the memory is full that is why I cannot take pictures, although their answer does not satisfy me (if so, how I could shoot videos?) I emptied the memory, but still I cannot take picture with the rear camera. If you have any idea to solve this problem, I will be soo happy.

Solution: There may be a firmware glitch causing this rare camera issue. If you know how to reset or restore your iPhone, now is the best time to do it. If you haven’t tried it before, here are the steps:

How to reset all settings in an iPhone 6

We recommend that you reset all your iPhone’s settings to factory defaults to ensure that everything is back to stock setup. This is especially useful in the event that you have changed some camera settings inadvertently.

Go to and tap Settings app.

Tap General.

Go to the bottom of the screen and tap Reset.

Tap Reset All Settings to restore the default settings for everything (keyboard dictionary, network, home screen, location and privacy, among others.

If a reset won’t make any difference, proceed to restoring your iPhone.

How to restore an iPhone 6

Doing this procedure will delete everything that’s saved in your phone’s internal storage. Make sure to create a copy of all your important files (photos, videos, contacts, music) before proceeding. Now, here are the steps to restore your iPhone:

Pick a backup method (iCloud or local backup on your computer)to save your personal files.

If you want to choose iCloud, simply go to Settings>iCloud>Backup.

To save a copy to your local iTunes app in your computer, open the iTunes app>File>Devices>Backup.

Unlink your Apple/iCloud ID from your device by going to Settings>iCloud>turn off Find My iPhone. This process is useful if you’re planning to sell your device afterwards. Otherwise, you can just skip this.

Under iTunes, click on Restore iPhone option.

Note: If these solutions won’t work, you can assume that you have a camera hardware failure. Consider calling Apple technical support or visit their retail store for a repair or replacement request. You may also want to contact your carrier for any assistance.


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