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HEC Scholarship For International Research Support Initiative Program

HEC Scholarship For International Research Support Initiative Program

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is offering a six month research fellowship (HEC Scholarship)abroad to those students who are enrolled in full time PhD programs in Pakistan. This is providing exposure to the PhD scholars which will enhance the quality of research that they will be conducting in Pakistan. This opportunity also provides to develop linkages between Pakistani and foreign institutions.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To enhance the quality of doctoral research in Pakistan.
  • To create a critical mass of highly qualified manpower that could contribute towards the development of Pakistan.
  • To facilitate assimilation, absorption and transfer of important and promising scientific and technological knowledge information to achieve repaid economic progress.
  • To provide opportunities to doctoral students for training/ research work at advanced research labs of reputed universities abroad and to interact with foreign scientist working at frontiers of knowledge.
  • To explore avenues for further collaboration internationally.
  • To introduce Pakistani talent globally.
  • To disseminate information about research in Pakistan.
  • To bring standard of doctoral research at par with international standards.

HEC Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

AJK/Pakistani national who is full time PhD student

  • Completed coursework of 18 credit hours, at least.
  • Scholar is eligible to apply after 2 year of enrollment and maximum up to 3.5 years in PhD program.
  • Passed the local GAT subject test OR Univeristy Admission Test at the time of registration/enrolelment in PhD Studies/Program.
  • Who has an approved PhD research topic and synopsis by the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) or Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research (DASR) or equivalent body of the university
  • Who has an official acceptance/invitation letter for research from a foreign university/institute/ lab. The university/institute must be listed in top 200 universities list (either subject wise or over all ranking) as per Times Ranking of World Universities.
  • Your Foreign Supervisor should not be an ex-supervisor of your Local Supervisor.

NTS Need Based Scholarship Program 2nd Phase 2017

HEC Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program 2017



For Selection Committee Meetings after June 2013, upper world ranking limit of foreign university has been reduced to top 200 universities for the applicants from all disciplines Agriculture & Veterinary Science, Biological & Medical Science and Physical Science, Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences subjects.

Those Scholars who are already availing any other HEC scholarship are also eligible to apply provided they submit NOC from their concerned HEC dealing officer.

Submit application form, two copies, to the Project Director after filling as per instructions, along with the documents listed below.

Applications can be submitted round the year. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are eligible and fulfil the basic criteria.

Incomplete applications will not be entertained and will be discarded.

Download Application Form

HEC Scholarship Required Documents:

 Application Set 1:

  • Application form
  • Foreign university acceptance letter(s), in order of preference
  • CV of proposed foreign supervisor(s)
  • BASR/DASR approval showing approved PhD research topic and synopsis
  • PhD thesis synopsis (complete)
  • Local PhD supervisor recommendation letter
  • CV of local PhD supervisor
  • NOC from concerned HEC officer (if already availing any other HEC scholarship)
  • NOC from department/organization (if employed/ on study leave)
  • CV of applicant
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of academic documents including PhD coursework transcript showing credit hours and grades obtained in each course.
  • Copy of GRE result certificate/card from ETS / NTS

Application Set 2:

  • Application form
  • Foreign university acceptance letter(s), in order of preference
  • CV of proposed foreign supervisor(s)
  • PhD thesis synopsis (complete)
  • BASR/DASR approval showing approved PhD research topic and synopsis
  • Copy of GRE result certificate/card from ETS / NTS

HEC Scholarship Important Note:

The acceptance letter must be issued by the head of department/ senior professors. Acceptance letters issued by Lecturers, Lab Instructors/expert won’t be acceptable. The acceptance letter must include at least following:

  • Brief overview of work to be carried out during the foreign visit.
  • Brief details of research facilities available at foreign Lab.
  • Plan of research work/activities to be carried out at foreign university
  • Duration of research in months.
  • Bench fee amount if required. No claim of bench fee will be entertained if not mentioned in the original offer letter.
  • Terms and conditions of the invitation, if any.
  • Complete address, contact details (phone, fax, email) of the proposed foreign professor.
  • It is Mandatory to get filled in a performa from your foreign supervisor along with the acceptance letter.  Download Foreign Supervisor’s Performa

This Performa of Foreign Supervisor must be attached with IRSIP Application from Januray 2017


HEC Scholarship Terms $ Condition

Selected candidates will be required to enter into a bond with HEC to return and complete their PhD studies at their parent universities. (Click here to download specimen) 

Selected candidates will have to avail the scholarship within six month from the date of issue of award letter or before any such date as specified by HEC. CNIC copies and official seals of witnesses are mandatory.


It is of utmost importance that the doctoral studies carried out in Pakistan are of a standard that is at par with any international reputed institution. This is only possible if candidates are provided with adequate support in research projects. The Fellowship package of IRSIP is a sunder:

Fellowship Package:

Travel allowance:

  1. Economy class return airfare is provided up to Rs 150,000.00 for once.

Living allowance:

  1. Living allowance for different countries:
CountryLiving allowance per month
UK£ 750.00
Austria, Germany, Netherlands€ 975.00
Rest of Europe€ 900.00
USA$ 1500.00
Korea, China, Malaysia$ 800.00
Rest of world$ 1200.00


Bench Fee:

  1.   Maximum amount of bench fee allowed under IRSIP scheme in different currencies are given in the following table.
US Dollar$ 3500
Pound Sterling£ 1750
Euro€ 2550
Australian Dollar$ 4100
Canadian Dollar$ 3700


Important Note:

The bench fee is only awarded if it is demanded in the acceptance letter at the time of selection. After selection any demand of fee will not be accepted. The bench fee will be paid to the University directly via wire transfer against the invoice of the amount as mentioned in the offer/invitation letter. The fee invoice must contains student/scholar name, Purpose & duration of visit and complete banking details of foreign university.




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