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The New Balance RunIQ Fitness Tracker

New Balance RunIQ Fitness Tracker

A year ago, New Balance announced that it was hoping to launch an Android Wear Smartwatch and it has already launched RunIQ, its first ever Smartwatch. The new Wear watch is expected to be available from February, and it will be competing with Moto 360 Sport and the Polar M600. Experts have predicted that it will cost you approximately $300 to take the new device home with you. Here are some specs and features to expect from the New Balance RunIQ.

Design and Screen

Since this is the first ever device from New Balance, it is working to make sure that it will appeal users from all over the globe. Therefore, it has collaborated with Intel to come up with a circular Smartwatch design in matte black and grey face. Additionally, there is the option to swap watch bands to make it possible to host various colors including green, blue, pink and red.

The device will feature an AMOLED touch-screen display of up-to 1.39 inches. Additionally, it will have 287 PPI and a 400x 400 resolution. This implies that it will provide the best quality and size a great Android Wear screen can offer.

If you don’t want to use the touch-screen, the new RunIQ got you covered. It comes with three physical buttons that provide an alternative for control. The top button allows you to launch the RunIQ app and most importantly, it will allow you to start and pause activities. The middle button serves as the home button, and the last button allows you to reset laps during your workouts and control music. Its water resistance capability is up-to 5 ATM, therefore; it is perfect for swimmers because they can dive deeper into the pool with it.


The new device comes with some great motion sensors you’ve probably seen from some of the best fitness trackers. Moreover, it comes with an in-built GPS, heart rate tracker, and a gyroscope. To ensure that performance is on point, New Balance has followed the Tag Heuer Connected footsteps going against the normal Android Wears. It will be using an Intel Z34XX Atom processor with storage of about 4GB and 512 MB RAM. This is enough storage to allow for up-to 50 hours of Google Play music while on the go.

To provide users with the best in music, New Balance is closely working with Jabra who are hoping to launch a new series of sports headphones known as PaceIQ wireless. These headphones will be optimized so that they can work perfectly with RunIQ Smartwatch. Most importantly, they will come with a dedicated Sports button to allow for audio in-ear coaching in real-time.

Android Wear

Experts have predicted that the up-coming RunIQ will be running on Android Wear’s latest version. This probably explains why the device has delayed launching. Additionally, it will be in a position to work with Android, and iOS phones and users should expect the latest Android Wear 2.0 to provide Google Now integration, standard notification support and music syncing over Google Play. This is expected to work with Android phones only as well as the new standalone apps.

When connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, there will be notification support as well. However, iPhone users will not be in a position to use the Replay feature. To make sharing and uploading workouts including cycling and running easier, you will be required to download with the big Strava integration. The GPS tracking will allow you to record distance, pace, and routes. Some other metrics viewable from the device’s screen include cadence and heart rate zones.

Battery Life

Battery life is an important feature to look for when shopping for a Smartwatch. RunIQ comes with a 410mAh battery, which is in a position to last you for approximately 24 hours. When using both the heart rate monitor and GPS, the battery can take you about five hours on a single charge. Although its battery life is great, it cannot match that of the Polar GPS or the Garmin running watches.

Price and Release Dates

It should be noted that the RunIQ is currently available for pre-orders and you can do so directly from New Balance’s website. You will need to part with about $299.99 to have this wonderful Smartwatch, and it will be availed in the market from the 1st of February. Its price is slightly lower than that of Polar M600, which is currently many peoples’ favorite sporty Android Wear. To some good news now, if you pre-order a RunIQ Smartwatch now you will receive a Strava Premium access of not less than 3 months. This means that you will be in a position to access all the features of the fitness apps. The PaceIQ wireless headphones will also be available from 1st February and will be going for $109.99.


The RunIQ is almost here with us, but if you don’t want to wait longer, it is available for pre-orders. It comes with a wonderful design and screen, features, the latest Android Wear and a battery life of 410mAh. It is perfect for swimmers because it can resist water up-to 5ATM.

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