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New Sports Tech to Outdo the Wrist Worn Wearables in 2017

Wrist worn wearable’s and fitness trackers have been trending techs in sports. In the future, tech is expected to go beyond wrist worn devices to more invisible, built-in tech. The new tech might be switching wearable fashion from wrist watches to clothes. This advancement in technology will take the sports field to greater heights; where you do not have to see that a person has a tracking device.

The wearable tech is credited to have played a greater role in Olympics. It has enhanced tracking of an athletes’ performance in their natural environment. This has drastically improved their performance. Some approved wearables are a compression sleeve used to track pitcher’s arm workload and strap that is used to monitor your heart. The stadiums were also installed with a player tracking system known as Zebra RFID.

Some Problems Associated with Wrist-Worn Current Wearable Devices

The wrist-worn devices attract some unnecessary attention to the wearer and can lead to the wearer being banned from using the devices. The extremity placement of accelerometer can fail to give accurate information on the movement of your body’s center mass. The waving of hands may also affect your results during your workout.

The New Invisible Technology

The invisible tech switches from using watches to fabrics. The tech will eliminate most of the problems associated with the wrist-worn devices. The aim of the technology is to place the fitness tracker to the exact place where they are needed. They are also wirelessly connected to your gadget to help you gain greater insights. The tech might fade the notion of gadgets though not that soon; it may take some years. The smart fabric evolution will enhance integration of the technologies and innovations in a seamless fashion. It will allow the total exploitation of the athlete’s body.

The Second Spectrum’s Computer Vision Technology

The technology will be employed in tracking the progress of players during their games. It will allow position data extraction through analysis of the video feeds. This tech will enhance the Replay Technologies free system that processed full 3D representation from 2D camera views. The expected cameras will be in a position to pick up different metrics reserved to the wearable technology. For instance, running biomechanics could be analyzed from the video feed by determining the position of a sprinter’s limbs.

Previously, a Hawk-Eye camera system had been introduced in tennis. It not only tracks the ball but also the performance of a tennis player. The only problem is that to be on a Hawk-Eye court, you have to be one of the top players.

Some of the Devices With The Integrated Tech Are:

1. Radar Pace
These smart glasses are designed through combined efforts of Oakley in performance innovation and Intel’s expertise in the advancement of technology. They have earbuds attached to their temples. This allows the user to get real-time advice from the coach about the progress and how to improve. For example, runners are advised about their length and pace. They are rechargeable through a USB port.

2. Ombra

OMsignal produced a sports bra that has sensors built into the fabric. It has also an accelerometer that clips to the side. It measures breathing rhythm as well as calculating the anaerobic threshold of the wearer. They are soft, flexible and help to reduce bounce.

3. Lumo Run

The device is clipped at the back of the runners short. It measures the movement of the hips and also monitors five characteristics of an athlete’s form. The device creates a personalized exercise plan for you.

4. SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record-Equipped shoes

A dime-sized tracker was integrated into some of the shoes by Under Armor Company. The sensors are sealed at the midsole inside the shoe. It is waterproof thus, the shoes are washable. You can only detect the tech in the shoe only when you are informed about it. In addition, the shoe has a longer battery life than itself. Thus, it does not need to be charged.

Presumed Benefits of the New Shift to Invisible Tech

The invisible tech will not attract unnecessary attention as it is for wrist-worn wearables. They are said to give the wearer more accurate data than the currents wearables. The results are expected to be more precise as they are fitted at the exact place they are needed. Having the tech sown in athletes’ uniform will ease the worry of not taking the gadgets with them or not charging them.


The new invisible tech will be of great impact in the sports field. The devices will come with an advanced tech that is an improvement of the wrist-wears. The new devices will be less visible and are expected to provide the wearer with more accurate data. They will give the user a clearer insight in their workouts since they can be placed exactly where they are needed from head to toe. The mentioned wearables are just a glimpse of what we expect from the wearable technology. We expect more sophisticated and user-friendly wearable devices to enhance our fitness tracking process in years to come.

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