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Making Use of a Bibliography to Avoid Committing Plagiarism

One way to avoid plagiarism is by referencing. When you reference, you give credits to the sources of information you only have borrowed and not your original idea. In general, there are only three kinds of referencing methods which are bibliography, references, and works cited. These three methods work similarly but has their own certain requirements that should be satisfied before being used. This article will teach you particularly the bibliography style of referencing so that you will be able to use it in order to avoid committing plagiarism.

What are the Components of a Bibliography?

Unlike the references and works cited styles of referencing, the bibliography contains all sources you have used for your paper including those sources that are actually in your paper plus those which are not in it.

For those sources that are actually in your paper, you should include the name of the author, the titles of the work, the year when the work was published, the publisher of the work, the location of the publisher, and the volume or the page numbers where the borrowed information is located on that particular work.

On the other hand, you should include the same details for those sources that you have also used for your paper but are not actually in your paper.

What is Annotated bibliography?

You may opt to improve your bibliography by making it into an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is just similar to a normal bibliography wherein it includes details like the title of the book, name of the author, publisher, location of the publishing company, volume, and page numbers. However, this time, an annotated bibliography also includes additional information that may be helpful to readers. Such information include a brief description of the book or the written work, the credibility of the book, and how useful is the book.

Bibliography as a Style of Referencing

As mentioned earlier, bibliography is just one of the three styles of referencing aside from works cited and references. Its primary difference from the two is that the bibliography lists all sources used for the written work including those that are within the paper plus those that are not actually in it. However, works cited and references only include sources that are in the paper excluding those sources used for the paper but do not appear in it.

Now with the knowledge of what a bibliography is, you can now make use of it to avoid committing plagiarism. If you need extra help on checking for plagiarism, then you should use the tool called Plagiarism Checker. This tool is reliable enough and can give you accurate results for online plagiarism.

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