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CareCredit Login

CareCredit customers are enabled to access the care they require for their families and themselves. The CareCredit organization has around 200,000 retail and health focused locations that are made accessible to people. People with CareCredit health, beauty and wellness credit cards are using them routinely to have significant procedures done such as vision, cosmetic, dental and hearing procedures and to avail care for their family pet. People with CareCredit card can access whatever they need immediately without any delay in appointment or treatment.

CareCredit, since its inception 30 years back has been providing valuable financing for procedures and treatments that normally do not come under insurance cover and in instances where insurance does not pay the entire amount. The CareCredit card is also used for paying co-payments and deductibles by card holders. With the card in hand, people can have the financial freedom to make informed choices on the treatment for themselves and their family. Backed by Symphony Financial, CareCredit is one among the most popular and largest beauty and wellness credit cards providing service to millions every year.

Synchrony Financial offers financing solutions to various services and products like home furnishing, electronics, home improvement, flooring, automotive maintenance and repair and much more. Customers can explore the diverse payment solutions offered at CareCredit via thousands of merchant traders.

CareCredit Registration and CareCredit Login Guide

CareCredit cardholders stand to benefit more by registering online. Here is the step by step process for registering online.
For registration the requirements include:

  1. Account Number. This is the number present on the front side of the CareCredit card in the right top corner of the billing statement issued on monthly basis and on the attached paper that arrived with the card via mail.
  2. Final four digits of the Social Security Number of primary account holder
  3. Date of Birth

Once the details are verified and profile set up, confirmation is done and you will be provided with a secure User Name and Password. Now, CareCredit customers can access CareCredit login page.

How To Login CareCredit

  1. Once the registration is complete, you can click on the, ‘Your Account’ option present on the top part of the page.
  2. Enter in the User ID and password you had set up during registration.
  3. Click on ‘login’ to access to your account at CareCredit.

How to Recover CareCredit Forgot Password

If you cannot remember your user name, you can reset it by using the, ‘Find User Name’ option present in the ‘Your Account’ section. You have to furnish details such as your account number, date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Make sure you use the details of the primary account holder.

If you cannot remember your password, you have to use the reset password option. You will be required to furnish details including User Name, SSN number (last 4 digits) and your date of birth to reset the password.

If you have trouble remembering the security questions, you can reset the questions by using the ‘Reset Security Questions’ option present under the ‘Your Account’ login section. If you still have issues with CareCredit Login, you can contact the company by using the number present on the backside of the card. When you have verified your identity, you can use the online assistance to review the steps required for registering and logging in to your online account.

What to Do If Your Card is Stolen or Lost?

If you credit card is stolen or lost, you can call the automated phone support service which is available 24/7 for reporting. For customer service, the number present on the backside of the card should be used. Alternatively, you can also call the company at 866-396-8254. The account will be closed and a fresh account number will be issued. You have to review the account activity and check for purchases you haven’t made and report them to the Customer Service.

CareCredit Contact Details

If you have any trouble related to viewing account information online, you can contact the company in the following ways:

For general enquiries, call1-866-419-4096

Automated phone service: This service operates 24/7. The number is present on the backside of the credit card. Alternatively, you can also call customer service at 866-396-8254.

Store Credit Card telephone address: 7.30 a.m. – 12 midnight E.T

For MC/Visa cards telephone access is available 24/7.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, contact the fraud department of Synchrony Bank at 1-866-834-3205.

For identity theft, customers can report to Federal Trade Commission and the 3 important credit bureaus namely Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. For matters related to payments, account access, queries related to charges, fees, and replacement of card, billing statements or communicating with agent cardholders should contact the number given in the statement or in the backside of the card.

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