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NFCU Login – Navy Federal Credit Union

NFCU Login - Navy Federal Credit Union

Founded in the year 1933, the Navy Federal Credit Union has developed from mere 7 members to over 7 million members. The vision statement of the union has remained concentrated on serving the union’s unique membership. It is the most trusted and preferred financial institution that serves military and the family members. Even if a person leaves military, shifts and changes employers, gets married and retires he or she need not leave Navy Federal.

With a reserve value of $8 billion, and membership over 6 million, Navy Federal stays in good financial health in spite of its expansion into more branches and ATM Networks that serve the growing membership.

The exemplary business practices of Navy Federal include insuring of savings to an amount of $250,000 and with funds in IRA to a value of $250,000. The savings of members are primarily invested in loans provided to fellow Federal members. Navy Federal adheres to strong financial underwriting system. The Navy Federal provides professional guidance that matches with the appropriate loan option.

By becoming a member at Navy Federal, you can have safe account access whenever and from wherever you need. The online banking system enables convenient management of funds. It offers tools to enable members be in good financial health always.

The online banking services offered by Navy Federal are one of the best. It is secure, fast, and free and functions 24 hours allowing you to pay bills, view statements for 36 months maximum at a time, order checks, transfer funds, make payments and more. You can also apply for a loan, enroll in the Direct Deposit, and open fresh accounts and much more.

How To Enroll/Register To NFCU Login

Creating Username for accessing the online and mobile banking site via NFCU login is required. While a member can use access number for identification via phone or in the branch, a unique identification or Username is quicker and safer way for account access.
To enroll in the online banking service of Navy Federal, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the online banking website. Sign into the Online banking using member Access Number. Click on ‘Settings’ feature present on top right side of screen below your name.
  2. Choose, ‘Profile’ option and click on, ‘Create Username’.
  3. After creating Username click on, ‘Save’ option.

NFCU Mobile Login

  1. Download the Navy Federal mobile app in your smartphone. Android users can download the app here, iPhone users can download the app here.
  2. Tap on menu bar present on top left part of screen.
  3. Tap the, ‘View Profile’ option and choose, ‘Set Up Now’ present subsequent to Username.
  4. After creating a safe and proper Username, tap on, ‘Submit’.

Access number is still needed for identification when you are doing transactions on phone or in the branch. It is available to members always via mobile app or online. For finding access number online, click on, ‘Settings’ present under the name on top right side of screen. The Access Number can be found under, ‘Profile’ tab. In the mobile, use the, ‘View Profile’ option and find the Access Number on the main profile page.

How To Reset NFCU Password

When you are using online banking access to Navy Federal, choose the, ‘Forgot Username’ present below username field. This will help in resetting online and mobile account username.

The User Name can be changed whenever you need via the online or mobile app. To update username, click on the white bar, which displays your name in the top part of the webpage. Click on, ‘Settings’ option and choose, ‘Edit Username’ under Profile Tab.

For mobile users, Username can be updated by choosing Username from, ‘View Profile’. You will now be prompted to make changes to the present Username you are using.

Once a member sets Username he or she can use only the username for online and mobile banking services.

Access Number is used for unique member identification. Every member is assigned with the Access Number when they join Navy Federal Union. While earlier only Access Number was used to log in to Online banking and Mobile banking, now customized Username provides an easy, convenient and secure way to access accounts via online and mobile banking services.

Member who had joined Navy Federal on July 25, 2016 or after the date are required to form a Username. Those who had joined before the date have the choice of creating Username for account personalization.

It is not possible to switch back to Access Number usage for login, when you have created your Username.

The name chosen should range from 6 characters to 32 characters and contain minimum of one letter. Using the entire Access Number for Username is not permitted and nor is using the email address. Special characters as well as numbers are allowed but only four of the characters of special category. _ @ – can be added.

Members who have queries regarding the services can contact Navy Federal at the phone number,

For International calls: 1-703-255-8837 (collect)

Mailing Address
Navy Federal
PO Box 3000
Merrifield, VA 22119-3000

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