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Huntington Bank Online Banking Login – Credit Card

Huntington Online Banking Login - Huntington Bank Credit Card

Huntington Online Banking is regional bank that was first founded in 1866. The Huntington National Bank, today Huntington Bancshares Incorporated still operates from the same Columbus, Ohio, it has more than 700 locations, including in retirement centers and grocery stores.

The Huntington National Bank’s main service markets are in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan. The Huntington National Bank, today Huntington Bancshares Incorporated still operates from the same Columbus, Ohio

Huntington Bank offers its Huntington online banking services on almost all popular platforms of accessing information. The bank does have offices in Huntington West Virginia.

Despite being only the 33rd largest bank in America it is still firmly planted in the S&P 500 and looks to stay that way well into the future. Its 11,000 strong employees work hard to maintain the banks good standing with its large customer base in the Midwest.

How To Login To Huntington Online Banking Account?

Step 1- Use this https://onlinebanking.huntington.com/rol/Auth/login.aspx to login to Huntington Online Banking account.

Step 2- Input your username in the top information request box and your password in the bottom information box.

Step 3- Press the orange ‘sign in’ tab. If you entered your information correctly you should be able to use all the functions of Huntington Bank’s online banking site.

How To Reset Your Huntington Online Password?

If you have lost or forgotten your password don’t panic because it is very easy to make a new one. Follow the step by step instructions to make a new password.

Step 1- Enter your email address to recover username

Step 2- You must type your User ID and last four digits of SSN or TIN to retrieve password.

Huntington Bank has a very good customer service department so don’t be afraid to get in touch with them if you are having any problems logging in to your online banking account or any other online banking problems you may encounter. Here is their toll free number where you can easily contact them.


How To Enroll In Huntington Online Banking?

You can use this https://selfservice.huntington.com/default/Enrollment/to register for Huntington Online Banking account.

The page you will see two input boxes.

In the upper input box you will put your new account number and in the lower input box you will put your social security number or your tax ID number.

Once that is done you just follow the simple step by step instructions to complete the online enrollment process.

Once everything is done you will be able to choose a username and password to enter into the online banking site.

Huntington Platinum Debit Card Features

Make everyday purchases almost anywhere. Use your MasterCard Debit Card to shop local, buy online and pay monthly bills. You don’t even need a checkbook or ATM. All you need is one little card that’s fast, easy and safe.

  • extended warranty
  • price protection
  • satisfaction
  • worldwide acceptance
  • zero liability

Huntington Online Banking Features

Huntington Online Banking offers unparalleled flexibility of anywhere banking 24/7. The bank offers facilities and services are

  • Huntington Health Service
  • Huntington Bill Payments
  • Huntington Savings and MMA Overview
  • Huntington Relationship Money Market
  • Huntington Relationship Savings
  • Huntington Premier Savings
  • Huntington Certificate of Deposit
  • Health Savings Account
  • Huntington State Bond
  • Huntington Online Money Transfer
  • Huntington Real-Time Alerts
  • Huntington Auto Loan
  • Huntington Online Statements and Online Investments.
  • Huntington Home Loan

Visit the Huntington Website and Enter your log in credentials in the secure portal and manage your account.

Huntington Contact Info

Call Huntington at 1-800-480-BANK (2265) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
To contact us from outside the U.S. call 616-355-8828 (U.S. country code is 1) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. (Please note this is not a toll free number.)


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