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iphone X Release Date, Rumours, Leaks, Price, Specs

Iphone X Releasing Date

Excitement is already building for the launch of Apple’s next iPhone, currently being called the iPhone X or iPhone 8. With the launch date, unconfirmed and at least several months away, Apple is keeping a tight lid on the final details of the new iPhone x. Of course, this hasn’t stopped rumors from flying wild as people anxiously await their chance at the newest iPhone.

What makes the coming iPhone even more exciting is that unlike the “s” releases which typically offer minor improvements over previous models. The iPhone x is expected to include a major overhaul both inside and out With the prospect of a fresh look and more powerful insides; it is easy to get caught up in all of the speculation. While it is impossible to know, which rumors are true and which will turn out to be hopeful fantasies (or unsupported panic), there are some features we can be reasonably certain to see significant changes in for the iPhone x.

iphone X First Look

Likely a big contributor to the high price point of the iPhone x is the inclusion, for the first time on OLED screens. Recent iPhones have had LCD screens which offer slightly worse viewing quality than the newer OLED screens. OLED screens offer a truly beautiful viewing experience, playing into Apple’s air of subtle luxury.

iphone X Price

One of the biggest recent leaks regarding the iPhone x is the expected price point. iPhones have never been a cheap phone, and their design was never meant to appeal to the budget conscious consumer. Several years ago, Apple experimented with purposefully producing a more affordable phone with the iPhone c. These phones came with a plastic casing and limited internal power. Apple has since abandoned this approach and appears to have no qualms about putting the iPhone x on the market as one of the most expensive smartphones ever to be offered.

With a rumored price of $1000 U.S. dollars, the iPhone x will certainly be a major investment. Whether this price point is for the base model or the most expensive version of the iPhone x remains to be seen. Before you panic about the astronomical price tag, read a bit further to see what Apple might be including to make that $1000 price tag a little easier to swallow.

iphone X Release Date, Rumours, Leaks, Price, Specs


iphone X Wireless Charging

Apple may finally be making a move to wireless charging, an arena long dominated by its Android competitors. While it is possible to add a wireless charging capable case to an existing iPhone, the iPhone x looks to integrate this ability into the sleek iPhone casing seamlessly. Many people use their iPhones without a case, and wireless charging may hold appeal to a large segment of the iPhone x consumer base. Like OLED screens, wireless charging is an expensive feature. Out of all possible features, the combination of OLED screen and wireless charging is likely making the biggest impact on price for the new iPhone x.

The next iPhone always generates a lot of buzzes, and the upcoming iPhone 8 is no different. Rumors are flying, and Apple fans are speculating, and sometimes already protesting, about potential new features.


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