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Merrick Bank Login | Merrick Bank Credit Card Login

Merrick Bank Login Merrick Bank Credit Card Login

Merrick Bank offers a secure login portal for their customers to access and manage their credit card account.  Merrick Bank credit Card is offered by the Merrick Bank and they are in top 20 Visa card issuers

Merrick Bank Credit Card has been provided by Merrick Bank and they admire as top 20 visa card provider. They provide secured and unsecured credit card and they work with their customers to establish, re-establish, or rebuild their credit score.

Online services provided by the Merrick Bank consist of the following:

  • Customers can use their login ID to view account statements over a week, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually.
  • A user can also keep a check on all their bill payments and make sure they pay them all on time.
  • A user can easily transfer money to other accounts using his online ID.
  • You can even report lost and stolen cards online and get a card unblocked as well.
  • You can change passwords, set up email alerts and enroll yourself for more cards and schemes.

Merrick Bank Login:  How to Login to Merrick Bank

If you are a registered account holder of the Merrick Bank, you must login to your online bank account to check your account.

How can I use the Merrick Bank login service?

Step 1- To avail all the useful services provided by the Merrick Bank on its online portal you will first need to login in to the ‘Log In’ section on the top right section of the website or visit https://login.merrickbank.com/

Step 2- Once you click the ‘Log In’ tab, a login page will pop-up asking for your account details i.e. a username and a password. You need to provide the username and password registered with the bank’s database.

Step 3- Once your credentials are entered and checked by the bank’s server, you will be able to view all the information regarding your account including the payment related information, and all that through a secured connection.

Step 4- If you have any issues with your ‘Log In’ section, contact the customer support to solve the problem immediately. If you are a new user you can register yourself following the steps below:

In case, you are a new user, you have to create a User ID by following the steps to enroll in a Merrick Bank account.


In Order to Make a Payment :

Step 1: To make an online payment consumer should have to login their Credit Card Online account. In order to login, your online credit card follows the above steps.

Step 2: The consumer may do mail to their mailing address.

USPS Mail: 

Merrick Bank

P.O. Box 660702

Dallas, TX 75266-0702

Overnight Credit Card Payments:

Merrick Bank #660702

1500 Dragon St., Suite A

Dallas, TX 75207


Step 3: You may link a bank account to credit card payment and link to auto debit from their bank account then it will automatically debit from your bank account.

How to Activate your Merrick Bank Credit Card

Step 1: Once you received your Credit Card details through mail then you have to first activate your account before using it. So to use credit cards Consumer have to setup online account. To signup you have to enroll at login page. For that click here

Step 2: Once you click on Enroll button then you will redirect on next page that has you details page. Here you have to enter the following details.

Merrick Bank Service Rates Information

Merrick Bank Login Merrick Bank Credit Card Login

Merrick Bank Card Holder Center

  • The Merrick Bank Cardholder Center is designed for customers who have a credit cardwith Merrick Bank to manage their account
  • New users setting up a Merrick online account for the first time will need to log in with their information that appears on their account exactly (like last 4 digits of Social, date of birth, and full name)
  • With the Merrick Cardholder portal, customers can make a payment towards a Merrick credit card or view the current balance on a Merrick card

Merrick reports to all three major credit agencies (like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), so applying for a Merrick Bank credit card will help increase the cardholders credit score as long as payments are made on time. FICO scores are updated on the first of every month, so Merrick customers who are specifically trying to rebuild their credit will want to check at the beginning of each month to see what their new score is (and how much having a paid off Merrick card has helped their score overall).

Few Questions Related to Merrick Bank

Does Merrick Bank Provide Online Banking Facility?

Yes Merrick Bank provides online banking facility. Please visit This link to access online banking facility.

What’s the login/Sign In page for Merrick Bank ?

Login Page of Merrick Bank can be accessed by visiting This link.

I need help logging in to my Merrick Bank account. Where’s the best place to get help?

You can call Merrick Bank Phone number at: +18002532322

Can I access my account or pay Merrick Bank from my phone or tablet?

Yes you can access your account on your Smartphone.

How do I contact Merrick Bank if I have a question about my account or bill?

You can contact there support number: +18002532322
You can also email them at: support@merrickbank.com


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