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Target Red Card Login – Target Customer Services


Logging in to your Target Red card or debit card account online will enable you to check your balances, set up alerts, view your transaction history, make a payment, and more. Also, signing is probably one of the easiest (less complicated) things that you’ll ever have to do in your life, so simply follow the steps below to access your Target Red card account at any time!

Target’s online service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can manage your account when is convenient for you. However, if for some reason (any reason at all), you’ve been having problems accessing your Target Red card, then this article right here is without any doubt your best option to overcome such issues.

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Follow these steps if you want or need to sign in to your Target debit or credit card account right now:

1. Click here .

2. After clicking on the link in the first step you will be automatically taken to the access page. Once you’re there enter your username in the USERNAME box located right in the middle of your screen.

3. Then enter your password in the second blank field.

4. And click SIGN IN.

Just in case you’re wondering, you can also sign into your REDcard account online using a mobile device like an Android phone or an iOS tablet for example. Another way to access your Target credit or debit card account on mobile is by going directly to their website here

When you are on the mobile site, tap on the three-bar icon at the top left corner of your phone’s screen, then tap on My Account, select My REDcard , and follow the previous instructions to log in.

Although Target’s RED credit and debit cards work differently and have different features (Target debit cards work like a check by drawing money from existing checking accounts, and credit cards, well you know how credit cards work, charge your Target and Target.com purchases), all card holders will have to sign in through the same page. So by following these steps you won’t encounter any issues when you try to access your account, no matter what type of card you have.


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